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5 Places You need to Visit with Your Family in East Borneo The Sangalaki island. (Source: factworld27.blogspot.com)

TIMESJEMBER, EAST BORNEO – What comes up on your mind when someone mention about Borneo or Kalimantan? The forest? Yes, a huge green forest with all those birds and monkey and wildlife animals living in it has become a main attraction for tourist to visit this island. But do you know that in some place in the East Borneo or Kalimantan Timur especially in Derawan has lot more enchanting places that so worth to visit? Ok, this are 5 of them. Let's check it out.

1. Pulau Sangalaki or the Sangalaki island

The beautiful 15,9 ha wide crystal clear lagoon will welcome you and your family once you step your feet on this island. You could enjoy diving or do some snorkeling at Channel Entrance, Coral Gardens, Turtle Town, Sandy Ridge, Manta Run, and Manta Parade. The kids could also enjoy the Turtle at the turtke conservation if they didnt like to swim.

2. Tarakan mangrove forest

This mangrove forest at Derawan will pamper you and your family with a beautiful scenery of bekantan or the long nose monkey (namely known as proboscis monkey) hangung around the mangrove. You could also find the seagull and the long tail monkey.

3.    Pulau Maratua or the Maratua island

This island with a beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear water will make you feel like you were in Maldives. There were also some floated Resort to accompany you to enjoy the beautiful calm wave and spoiling breeze from the sea.

4.    Pulau Kakaban or the Kakaban Island

Thus island has a beautiful natural lake which was formed from the rainfall and some seawater secretion that passes through the pores of the soil. You could swim freely on this lake. The golden jellyfish and some moon jellyfish plus the beautiful reef and some star fishes around will make your vacation feel even more perfect.

5.    Pulau Gusungan Sanggalau or the Sanggalau Gusungan Island

This small long island is a perfect place to spend your holiday with your family at East Borneo or Kalimantan Timur especially in Derawan. This quiet place which has a crystal clear water and beautuful white sand beach could be one of your alternative to spend your holiday with your family. And dont forget to book it with Airy and fly with Citilink. Enjoy your holiday!!!!

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