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Ijen Proposed to be One of the UNESCO Global Geopark A miner took the sulphur he got from Ijen Crater. (PHOTO: Rizki Alfian/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESJEMBER, BANYUWANGI – The Indonesian government proposed Ijen Banyuwangi to be of UNESCO Global Geopark. This area considered by the government as an area with a geological heritage of international significance.

“We’ve sent a letter to the Ministry of Education and Culture about this issue. And they have sent it to the International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme (IGGP) UNESCO in Paris,” The Mayor of Banyuwangi, Abdullah Azwar Anas said on Wednesday (5/8/2020).


The Mayor also appreciates all the government’s support that has been given to the city. He also feels incredibly grateful towards the opportunity to make Banyuwangi once more stands out in the world’s eyes.

Still according to him, if the proposal were being approved it will also help the local community to get a better life and future. They will also be included in the geopark conservation including maintaining the natural resources.

The support this good intention, Banyuwangi will prepare the dossier application needed.

The dossier application will contain supporting materials to demonstrate that the area has already been functioning as a de facto Global Geopark for at least one year as well the city intention to make Ijen Banyuwangi as a one of UNESCO Global Geopark. (*)

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